We only work on projects that deal with these issues :


Reduce mankind's footprint / Restore wilderness / Clean up the oceans / Keep fossil fuels in the ground / Develop fair and ecological food supply.


Upgrade democracy / Improve global market & corporate governance / Demand transparency / Tackle extreme poverty / Share resources fairly / Make education accessible / Promote diversity.


Welcome to the XXIst century. Mankind is global. Planet Earth has limits. As a species, we face unprecedented challenges that consumerism or technocracy alone will not solve.

Global warming, skyrocketing inequalities, massive pollution or hundred flavours of war demand global forward thinking, local action and individual cooperation.

We know that humans don't drink cola by the gallons because it tastes good, nor do they drive cars only because they're faster than flip-flops. Humans do so because "coke is happiness" and "cars look cool". We know that money invested in mass communication & lobbying shape our habits globally.

People have wonderful ideas. Business-as-usual is not enough. We want to invent a brighter future.

Let us spread mind-blowing ideas and positive actions, together. Let us change!



Olivier de Sadeleer


MA in cultural anthropology, marketing professional & perspectivist — Skills : Business development, marketing & communication, ecology and nature conservation — Goal : Protect & restore earth's living ecosystems and wilderness.

Candide Kemmler


Internet pionnier. Open source advocate, entrepreneur — Skills : Software architecture, Open-source project management, all things JVM — Goal : Use the f***ing computing lever.

Thomas Carton de Wiart


MA in philosophy, computer geek since 1981, internet profesionnal since 1999 — Skills : Big data, data mining, analytics, strategy, project management — Goal : produce more value than you capture.

Thomas Perissino


MA in philosophy — Skills : User interface design, graphic design, illustration, comics, copywriting — Goal : Work for political empowerment, encourage collective decision making, put political ecology into practice.

Julien Hoste


MA in graphic design & typography. Multifaceted freelance designer since 2003 — Skills : User experience and webdesign, graphic design, indentity, logos, icons, print — Goal : Developing and empowering meaningful projects, through conscious design.

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