Klimaatzaak vzw is an association of concerned citizens who ask (through a trial) to the Belgian federal state and the three regions to respect their «climate» commitments. In January 2017, among the 11,000 co-plaintiffs, only 10% were french-speaking. Klimaatzaak called upon the young Brussels-based collective Unanimous to scale that up.


The mission: Make Some Noise

Make the case "L'Affaire Climat" known in the french-speaking community and grow the citizen base of the movement.

Attitude: Lean Startup Mode

Transparency / Autonomy / Co-Creation / Experiment, Rinse and Repeat

Action plan: Growth Hacking

Make choices, set priorities, define a clear and simple call-to-action. / Translate the discourse into a positive and active language that is adapted to the french-speaking audience. ("Affaire Climat, un procès historique", "11000 citoyens agissent pour le climat", "Chers Ministres, #auboulot!", ...). / Develop a campaign micro-site and go frictionless (pre-stamped paper form, electronic signature, ...). / Activate the social networks and identify existing relays & ambassadors (including press). / Use of digital communication ( and a Facebook video) as an acceleration lever.

Results after 2 weeks: Beyond expectations! 👊

More than 6,000 signed the power of attorney to participate to the the trial as co-plaintiffs. That represents a growth of almost 40%. / The Facebook video was viewed more than 120,000 times. / Excellent Press coverage in the french-speaking media: Radio (La Première, Vivacité, Arabel, ...), TV (BX1), Papers (La Libre, Vers l'Avenir, Paris Match, ...), Blogs (Positiv'r, Colibris, We Demain...). / Recruitment of more than 400 friends of "L'Affaire Climat".

Exceptional fact

This is the first time in the history of Belgium that a power of attorney has been Completed & "Signed" electronically.

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